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Ben Sims - Run It Red 004 (April 2015 / NTS Radio)
03:00:01 Min
Ben sims - run it red 004 (april 2015 / nts radio).mp3
By: ben sims
Size: 329.69 MB
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Genre: Ben sims

BEN SIMS pres RUN IT RED 004. APRIL 2015 Subscribe via Itunes: http://buff.ly/1Ev7gLi Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/NTSRadio/run-it-red-w-ben-sims-14th-april-2015/ www.NTSlive.co.uk Dj_Pegasuz_-_Pillbox_Forest/Modder_Mix. SOUL NOTES pablo mateo - old cars in new man/b2. LACK 006.1 Luca_Agnelli_-_Bubbles. DESOLAT Simone Barbieri Viale-Where. HYPNOTIC ROOM Phil_Weeks_-_Shades_In_Creation. ROBSOUL Lo Shea - Schoolin - Never Learnt EARL JEFFERS - Let It Happen. ruff draft 006 be - Housekeysonbrandy. Sweet Sticky 001 Luis Padron - Forest (Paul Mac Remix) Clandestine_VENGEANCE. MOSIAC e gzr - track 2. wania DJ_Qu_-_SS1. SECRET SUNDAZE the oliverwho factory - strong down. mad chaise inc Carlo_-_Aliquindoi_(Baldo_remix). neo vinyl Stone Edge - edge neun. DYSTOPIAN Norman_Nodge_-_Signal_Response. MDR Somewhen - Dain. INDEX LA-4A_-_America_Kid/Matrixxman_remix. DELFT Setaoc_Mass_-_M1. SK_Eleven RTMT - 002b. RTMT Tunguska Event - Postnein. LOVE HOTEL Mike Dehnert - Avant Que. FACHWERK Klienfeld - CMD. AYCB035 JEROME DERRADJI - Wurk_It. STILL MUSIC Mr Ho - Bear Samurai. CREME Gary Martin - Well - Robert Hood remix. MOTECH FLOORPLAN - Never Grow Old/Mark Broom Dubplate Mix. UNRELEASED Truncate - Mira Mar (Grindvik & Zahn Remix). Truncate Mark Broom - Energy. BEARDMAN Sergie_Rezza_-_MIST/Alternate_Dub. DESIRE Craig McWhinney - Agent of Change. sample + hold Codeless_-_Regen_(TWR72_remix). coincidence far - carrier. electricdeluxe confucio - where_the_logic_ends. tresor Konrad Wehrmeister - Search. DUR 001 avion - Era_(Thomas_Hessler_Remix). crossing Perm - Untitled. kann Exium - Unipolar. MORD017 remco_beekwilder_-_sleepless. self_reflektion_004 Larix - Miniature. BRAINWASH 003 staffan_linzatti - clarity. balans 017 Stanislav_Tolkachev_-_Thats_where_the_dog_is_buried_MRECLTD tripeo_untitled#11. tripeo 006 Z.I.P.P.O_-_Scrape/Par_Grindvik remix. involve Ambivalent- Chronos/Truncate_Remix. Valence D_Leria_-_Lost_in_Memories. Android164 S-File_-_Spandau90. GND Joton_-_Careful_What_You_Wish_For. QUANT simon haydo-Ominous INNERVISIONS oscar_mulero - mentally_induced _action. polegroup ? - Spinal Tap (Audio Injection Remix) NST101 P.E.A.R.L. - Station2. END OF DAYZ V111_-_Shapeless_(Alphadrum_Remix). IDARK012 Chris_Colburn_-_Bell_Dust. SLEAZECOMP008 Subjected_-_MM. SLEAZE COMP008 COSMIN TRG - Uzura. FIZIC 02 be - GYB3. Sweet Sticky 001 Mobach - XieniX. NSYDE FIT SOUND - FIRST FOUND. FIT A_Taut_Line_-_Care. DISKOTOPIA Max McFerren - 2 Young 2 Be So Zen. allergy season 62 nautilus feat vin sol - aerochrome. nite owl diner 003 Kastil_-_Sonom. SOUL NOTES Hedge Maze - Untitled. LOBSTER THERAMIN Velvet Vortex - Sleep D Rainforest Version. BUTTER SESSIONS 004 pablo mateo - king mayonnaise C2. LACK 006.2

ADE 2013 (Exclusive)
01:56:12 Min
Ade 2013 (exclusive).mp3
By: Dave Clarke DJ Sets
Size: 265.94 MB
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Genre: Techno

Amsterdam Dance Event 2013, Melkweg, Amsterdam, NL 18 October 2013 Cisco Arias - Diode (Steve Parker Remix) (Slap Jaxx - SLAPX016) Alden Tyrell - Wurkit (Clone Jack For Daze Series - C#JFD19) Unsubscribe - Bend Down (CDr) Ben Sims - Raw Hide (Machine Label - M03) Jonas Kopp - Go (Unsubscribe Rmx) (Torque - TRQ-010) SCNTST - Basement Structure (Boysnoize Records - BNR109) Inner City - Good Life (Quinto Got A Feeling RMX) (CDr) Jeroen Search - The Future Is Ours (Figure SPC - FIGURESPCP) Kevin Saunderson - Bassline (Joris Voorn Mix 07) (Planet E - PE65295-1) Alden Tyrell - Some House (Clone Jack For Daze Series - C#JFD19) Gary Beck - Big Smoke (BEK Audio - BEK016) Paul Johnson - Don't Stop Movin That Ass (Dance Mania - DM 124) Ritzi Lee - Subway Trip (CDr) Samuel L Session - Air Blast (Klap Klap - KKLAP019) Sp-X - Jack Cracker (Komisch - KOMISCH017) Dave Clarke - The Wiggle (Bonus Old School Remix) (Skint Records - DEVILS004) Dave Clarke - Wisdom To The Wise (A.Mochi Re-Edit) (Boysnoize Records - BNR102) Lag - Sama Doma (Forward Strategy Group Remix) (Mord - MORD004) Floorplan - Let's Ride (M-Plant - MPM16) Ronan Teague - Acid Umbriel (Naughty Pills - NPR0095) Pfirter - Crash (MindTrip - MT-05) Miki Craven - Fat Shaper (Al Ferox Remix) (Kobayashi Recordings - KOB031) Andrei Morant - Blessed (Dystopian Rhythm - DRR004) Adonis - No Way Back (Trax Records - TX112) Sleeparchive - 3 (Tresor - Tresor 260) Mr.Jones - Sounds For The Mute (CDr) Drumcell - Disturbance (Pfirter Remix 1) (CLR - CLR069) Unsubscribe - Inst. Spek Hondje (Live Bear Who? Vocals) (Houndstooth - HTH 004) Shlomi Aber - Warehouse (Ovum Recordings - OVM234) Dave Clarke - The Storm (L.A.W. Remix) (CLR - CRLDA 010) David Meiser - Rising Entropy (Pareto Park - PRTP007) Unevenratio - Do Until (Elektrax Recordings - ELEK195) Turbo Turbo & S-File - Refusion (GND Records - GN059) Hackler & Kuch and Overlook Hotel - Engine Reject (Mike Humphries Remix) (Nachtstrom Schallplatten - NST077) Housemeister & Dave Tarrida - You Gonna Dig This (AYCB - AYCB021) D_Func - Modulator (AYCB - AYCB020)

SUMSA on air #032 MARKY (Stammheim/Home)@Heimatkult  26/09/15
01:33:26 Min
Sumsa on air #032 marky (stammheim/home)@heimatkult 26/09/15.mp3
Size: 128.46 MB
Hits: 632 Times
Genre: Techno

Its Dj Marky, from Offenbach/Frankfurt, who we present to You now. His real name is Mark Pecnik and he is a very good Dj & Producer, who is playing and producing at the genres Techno/Acid and House. Marky is very active and successfull in the Techno and Electronic Music Scene here in Germany for more then the last twenty years. He was and is Dj-Resident in various legendary Clubs and on Events here and around, for example at first the legendary Stammheim Kassel, which was first called Aufschwung Ost, also at Clubs like Home @ mtw Offenbach, U60311 Frankfurt, Hotel Reiss Kassel and many many more... . Marky is also related to the Aktzent Bookings and the Owner of the Classic Techno Label HörspielMusik and Utils, which many of You know very good, we think. Dj mix recorded live @ Heimatkult 26/09/15 Dj-Residencies: 1993-1994 Lolitar Bar, Kassel 1994-1997 Aufschwung Ost, Kassel 1995-2014 Radio Mix Show HR3/XXL/youFM Clubnight 1996-1997 Tresor 1997-2002 Stammheim Kassel (ex Aufschwung Ost, Kassel) RIP 1999-2006 U60311 Frankfurt a. Main 2002-2003 Hotel Reiss, Kassel 2002-2004 Palazzo, Bingen 2006-2012 Home @ mtw, Offenbach 2013 Bambule @ mtw, Offenbach since 2013 Heimatkult @ Till Dawn / Marburg For Booking & Contact: @djmarky / www.facebook.com/Marky-372559820992/?ref=hl Thx Marky....there is something special for us!

M4R 2016 - 08 - 06
01:00:10 Min
M4r 2016 - 08 - 06.mp3
By: diskore
Size: 137.71 MB
Hits: 47 Times
Genre: 140+

Lory D - Melotrippinblue - Sounds Never Seen Decibel - Poke - Tectonic Five Star Hotel - Queer (Sweet '16) - Memory No. 36 Recordings WWWINGS - Affliction - Infinite Machine Lakker - Maeslantkering Gating - R & S Records Somatic Responses - They Have Names Aka STI9900108 - Component Records Pulsific Planet - Asteroid M - Form & Structure Leo Anibaldi - Evidence - Rephlex Electromeca - Spectaculaire [DIE !] - soundcloud.com/electromeca Michael Forshaw - Fingered In't Tate - Mutant Bass Records Spaceface - Dirty Skuffer - soundcloud.com/space-face-1 Nebula II - Peace Maker - Reinforced Records Gremino - Faerietales - Fade To Mind DJ NJ Drone - 10 Cones - Purple Tape Pedigree Antwood - Sneakers - Planet Mu Jeff Mills - The Hacker - Tresor Honzo - Uncanny Valley - Haunter Records SØS Gunver Ryberg - 1170 Siva (Bare Bones) - Contort

LWE Podcast 129: Patrice Scott
01:12:28 Min
Lwe podcast 129: patrice scott.mp3
By: TSA Artists
Size: 165.86 MB
Hits: 890 Times
Genre: House

Original Source: http://www.littlewhiteearbuds.com/podcast/lwe-podcast-129-patrice-scott/#.UBfEKytYvV0 04 AUG 2012 REX CLUB - PARIS - FRANCE 11 AUG 2012 PIRANDELLO - MADRID - SPAIN 18 AUG 2012 TANSTAAFL - TRESOR - BERLIN - GERMANY 22 SEP 2012 CHIPPED ANTIQUITIES - TOWN HOUSE - GALWAY - IRELAND 27 OCT 2012 WERK - INSIDE OUT - DARLINGTON 07 DEC 2012 ROXY - COLOGNE 08 DEC 2012 HOTEL SHANGHAI - ESSEN Music: http://www.juno.co.uk/ppps/products/242500-01.htm The Secret Agency Profile: http://thesecretagency.net/roster/Citizen#Profile-Bio

01:06:07 Min
By: Da Peda
Size: 151.32 MB
Hits: 58 Times
Genre: Electronic

1. DJ 3000 - Hotel Oasiz (Robert Hood Remix) [MT-035] 2. Maxime Dangles + Electric Rescue ‎- Travelling [SKRPT11] 3. Gran Cavaliere - Easy Life [SKRPT13-3] 4. Savas Pascalidis - Discotheque (Remix) [KURBEL017] 5. Aldo Cadiz - Exes.O.S. (Version One) [DESOLAT X018] 6. Idiotproof & Eats Everything - Zulu [JACK006] 7. Patryk Molinari - Erotic [BJ03] 8. Reeko - Ella Episodio III (Segmento 6) [MD 16] 9. Donato Dozzy & Brando Lupi - Liquid [OGG003] 10. Robert Hood - A Time To Rebuild [MMLP038] 11. Jichael Mackson - 1000bugz [STOCK007-6] 12. Richie Hawtin ‎- Twin Cities [MINUS 33] 13. Juan Atkins - Session 1 (Original) [Tresor 215] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvixKgWQe3I https://www.dropbox.com/s/bqigtl8q9w8db1u/Rerun-HeadphoneMix02.mp3

Homies Presenta : DUBPHONE
01:03:28 Min
Homies presenta : dubphone.mp3
By: Homies
Size: 87.16 MB
Hits: 53 Times
Genre: Techno

DUBPHONE HOMIES SESSIONS. Dubphone comenzó a pinchar en 2007 en los clubes de Bucarest y otras ciudades local en Rumania y sus conjuntos energéticos influenciados por ranuras rumanas, sonidos hipnóticos y su talento lo llevó a un nivel más alto. Después de 2011 fue recibido por uno de los mejores clubes de Europa y algunos de los aspectos más destacados son: Tresor de Berlín, Carl Cox - Revolución en Space Ibiza, Ipse Berlín, Bora Bora Ibiza, Goldengate Berlín, Hotel Omm de Barcelona, La Madera - Bruxelles, metro club de Ibiza, Analoq escaparate, Electronique Berlín, Macarena Barcelona, Estudio Martin Bucarest, Zona Berna, bulevar de Barcelona, Sónar de Barcelona 2013-2014-2015 OFF, Studio 76 Madrid, Mini Club Valencia, Festival de Castello en Mannheim - Alemania, el domingo Afters Londres y muchos otros. En 2012 y 2013 fue nominado por Dubphone Nights.ro Premios el mejor portal rumano de música electrónica para las siguientes categorías: Mejor DJ rumano, mejor producción rumana, Mejor Radio Podcast y Mejor Artista Revelación y él se colocó en la parte superior 6 junto con nombres como Rhadoo , Raresh, Petre Inspirescu, DJ Optick, Adrian.

Jerome Sydenham for Heads With Tales
01:02:59 Min
Jerome sydenham for heads with tales.mp3
By: Heads With Tales
Size: 144.53 MB
Hits: 2554 Times
Genre: Jerome Sydenham

An exclusive mix from the Ibadan Records boss Jerome Sydenham just before he sets sail to make his Australian tour debut. - April 2014 - 19.04 - Sydney, Burdekin Hotel 20.04 - Melbourne, Howler Brought to you by Heads With Tales. Because everybody remembers their first time. TRACKLIST: 01. Jimis (The Martinez Brothers Edit) 02. Jerome Sydenham, Sally - My Normal Usual Far [Ibadan Records] 03. Jerome Sydenham, Sally - Encouragement [Ibadan Records] 04. Green Velvet, Riva Starr - Robots (Weiss Remix) [Relief Records] 05. Technasia - Evergreen (Jerome Sydenham Special Edit) [unreleased/] 06. R Chord - S Theme [Panel Trax Records] 07. Robert Hood - Eleven [M Plant] 08. Benjamin Damage - Delirium Tremens (Robert Hood Remix) [50 Weapons] 09. SAT - The Rig [promo, Ibadan Records] 10. Sleep Archive - 5 [Tresor] 11. SCNTST- Basement Structure (Original Mix) [BoyzNoise REcords] 12. Secluded - Confront (Markus Suckut Remix) [EarToGround Records] 13. Developer - Programma (Truncate Remix) [Modularz] Track 9 is a taste of the upcoming album by SAT short for Sydenham AYBEE, and Trent out this summer on Ibadan Records. http://www.facebook.com/jeromesydenham http://www.facebook.com/ibadanrecords http://www.soundcloud.com/ibadan -- http://www.headswithtales.com http://www.facebook.com/headswithtales http://www.twitter.com/headswithtales

PIK-FEIN @ KOCHKLUB⎥ MTW - Offenbach ⎥ 21.03..14
02:39:11 Min
Pik-fein @ kochklub⎥ mtw - offenbach ⎥ 21.03..14.mp3
By: PIK-FEIN ♤ (official)
Size: 364.32 MB
Hits: 2589 Times

www.pikfein-musik.com info@pikfein-musik.com PIK-FEIN @ KOCHKLUB⎥ MTW - Offenbach ⎥ 21.03..14 PLAYTIME: 
01:00 - 03:30 EVENT-LINK: www.facebook.com/events/668234113208746/ LINE UP: zum 3. mal O-zapft iss zum Kochklub. Erneut laden wir zum gepflegten Gourmettreff. Unter der Leitung der beiden Chefköche des Cannibal Cooking Clubs, mit tatkräftiger Unterstützung der Naked Pilotz, unserem Kadika als Aperitif und etwas Pik Fein als Dessert, werden euch waschechte Schmankerl serviert. Leider nicht im Hotel aber dafür in der frisch renovierten Lounge des MTW's werden wir euch wie gewohnt ein feines Kochduell unter Freunden servieren. An den Suppenschüsseln: Cannibal Cooking Club - live (Miditonal, Jena) NakedPilotz - live (Hotel Digital, Tresor) Pik Fein (Peaktime) KADIKA (Club Digital) ______________________________________ * PIK-FEIN (official) 
* www.mixcloud.com/pik-fein/ ....more Info about us & Kontakt 
* info@pikfein-musik.com
 * www.pikfein-musik.com
 * www.facebook.com/Pikfein

Ruth Barnes Anja Schneider interview
20:53 Min
Ruth barnes anja schneider interview.mp3
By: ruthbarnes
Size: 14.34 MB
Hits: 375 Times
Genre: House Techno

TOW meets Anja Schneider post a three hour set in the early hours at London's Fabric and over a baconless BLT at her hotel. We cover Anja's early entry into dance music in Cologne as a young raver to her first mind-blowing night at the legendary Berlin club Tresor - and what inspires her? Working with the likes of homegrown Mobilee talent Sebo K and Pan Pot, also what to expect from her next album. This interview comes ahead of a special 6 Mix on BBC 6 Music to be broadcast on 10 April focusing on the best women beatmakers, producers, remixers and DJ's presented by TOW's Ruth Barnes- tune into that to hear a special mix and Anja's top three tracks of all time.

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